SAINTS boss Nathan Brown was something at a loss to understand how his team had been allowed to be bossed so comprehensively by Huddersfield in their Super League opener.

He was talking after seeing his former club win hands down after wiping the floor with Saints’ pack in the middle, with Danny Brough’s kicking turning the screw..

Brown said: "From one game to the next in the friendlies we showed some improvement and we trained to a standard where we were reasonably happy.

"But, at the end of the day, the physical part of the game is where it's won and lost and we got physically dominated.

"Off the back of that Broughy is brutal in where he can put the ball.

"If a side physically dominates you like Huddersfield did you look like you have all sorts of issues.

“We came off our tryline for the whole game, their big guys were always starting on the 40m, so I don’t think they will be to sore in the morning.

"We knew Huddersfield had recruited really well and they will rattle up some scores.

"They did really well, hats off to them. Broughy got to play in a dinner suit tonight. We did not put any pressure on any of their key players.

"I thought we'd do a bit better than we did but we need to hold our nerve and find out we need to do to head in the right direction.

“It was two points we didn’t get, but there will be two points up for grabs next week.

"She's a long race - I have been in a lot better positions after round one and I have been in some worse."