SAINTS’ dramatic golden point semi-final knock-out last week re-opened the debate on how big games should be settled if they end in a draw after 80 minutes.

The system basically gives the team who receives the kick off the first chance to set up an attack and as soon as the first points are scored, by try, penalty or drop goal, that is game over.

Last week both teams had cracks at one-pointers before Luke Gale nailed the winner.

There have been some dramatic conclusions since it was introduced into the British game.

Last season Salford’s Gareth O’Brien dropped the golden point goal to relegate Hull KR.

Saints coach Justin Holbrook does not think that system of golden point is the best way of settling a match with so much at stake.

He said: “In a semi-final when you are trying to get to a Grand Final, it should not be golden point.

“It should go to a period extra time, maybe 10 minutes each way, and that encourages teams to carry on playing rugby league.

“We’d have probably also had a better chance of winning it.”

Drawn Challenge Cup games, including the finals of 1954 and 1982, traditionally went to replays prior to the noughties.

That system changed games that ended in deadlock went into extra time, with the 2003 cup replay between Saints and Leeds being a particularly eventful one.

There are arguments for and against each system.

Scheduling would make it pretty much impossible, logistically and physically, to have replays between Super League semis and the Grand Final.

And the argument against extra time has traditionally been that fatigue can play too big a part, coupled with what happens when that is deadlocked? Golden point.

But is there a way that allows a hybrid of golden point and extra time that enables the team that has fallen behind in Golden Point one further attacking set, or a short period of time to strike back.

Rugby union used to award knockout games to the teams scoring most tries in a drawn tie. Could that work? It would have certainly suited saints last week.

Which system is the best?