GIVEN the good response to last week's cryptic Saints XIII quiz, we've decided to throw another one at you.

You'll have to dig deep in the memory banks for some of them, or ask your mam and dad.

1. Red Sea parted for him?

2. Put Gelert to the sword and regretted it?

3. Along with 9, would welcome you home if the opportunity knocked?

4. A clever piece of cured meat?

5. Creator of Lilliput?

6. Place for a colossus?

7. Other end of Westworld if you are speaking a form of Franglais?

8. Could light up the room with gas?

9. See question number 3, but you have a choice of two.

10. Could play a young one?

11. Underneath the arches with his mate?

12. King Arthur's table?

13. Go wild about an affluent part of Middlesex?