FANCY a cryptic Saints brain teaser?

Have a crack at these clues and translate them into the player for the corresponding position on the field.

You will end up with a Saints XIII from the past six decades.

1. Britain's biggest cul-de-sac?

2. Perhaps he should run in Doncaster?

3. On the junction of the Rhone and Saone?

4. What you'd maybe find at a dating agency?

5. An old sixpence?

6. He'll be Open All Hours?

7. Can advance and retreat diagonally?

8. Hare's grisly accomplice?

9. Twinned with Huyton?

10. Elementary for the Doctor?

11. Sounds like 5 cents?

12. Fine and dandy for one-time man of steel?

13. Roll out the barrel?