MARK Percival’s thrusting runs down the left edge on Friday once again highlighted the potency of an England international developing with each week.

The 23-year-old Widnesian looked dangerous with each touch, crossing for one try and going close with another.

Once new recruit Zeb Taia, who will be running the channel inside Percival, gets settled in Saints could have plenty to throw at defences on the left hand side.

Taia observed: “Percy is a great player - he has played for England. It was good to see him beat his man a lot of the time at Hull.

“He is a good player - the sort of player who needs early ball. I am there to provide that for him, but at the same time I can’t get away from what I do best and take on the line a bit more and create a few things.”

Coach Keiron Cunningham was also looking forward to the partnership between the powerful Taia and the fleet-footed Percival being a productive one for the team.

“Percy was brilliant at Hull and having Zeb on that edge, even though he put a couple of balls down, showed that the combination could be pretty lethal.

“Percy has a lot around him now. When the tracks dry up a little bit it could be interesting.

“Zeb has been in the Gold Coast for 18 months – like Luke Douglas. He will get used to it and adapt,” he said.