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Live: Hull FC 24 Saints 14

Last updated:

Mike Critchley, Senior Sports Writer

    Saints have lost 24-14 at Hull.
  • They led 14-10 approaching 70 minutes, but two late tries sunk them.


The Pigeon 11:34pm Fri 10 Mar 17

Can't knock the effort but the execution was poor and at one point against 12 men. Another poor result but I can't say the effort wasn't there.

Very impressed with Percival and Walker and Roby and Fages they are the four creative sparks.

Tommy Lee was back after being in Kieron's words overawed with the massive occasion against Leigh!!. Dear me

Overall effort good but still far too much one out rugby. Unfortunately the only way that will change is when we get a qualified coach.

Sorry mate time to go.

Score: 7
Jacobs conscience Replying The Pigeon 12:36am Sat 11 Mar 17

I agree with you, and its taken only a week for Zeb Tia to catch dropsy from the rest of the team. How many times must we put up with Bentham as our match official, he cost us grand final appearance last year, and consistently penalises us @ 2:1, in any other sport he would be banished! !!

Score: 2
Bill Bradbury 7:34am Sat 11 Mar 17

With Leeds ending their misery against an unbeaten Catalonia it puts our next performance against them in the frame. Lose and I wonder where we will go from there apart from our Super League contracts ending if Warrington decide to get their act together. As to the coach where do we look? It is not him dropping the ball, choosing the wrong option and offering route 1 through our so called defence. Some basic passing, catching and tackling appears they need to learn. The only way is up! Fans wonder when that climb will begin. Currently we are 2nd. Worst in the table if Widnes win. Until then we will have to be satisfied with the next excuse from the club. Early days yet for the season to be written off but to my mind something is wrong and not working. Catalan could be the watershed from where we go from here. As I wrote before good players don't become bad and we should not rely on two players being injured. Wigan played with 8 out of the team.

Score: 0
Jacobs conscience Replying Bill Bradbury 8:15am Sat 11 Mar 17

Who is telling them how to play?, who is in charge of the practice sessions, where defensive structures, and passing and catching the ball should be honed to perfection? We see it across all sports, when the players aren't happy with the coach, their performance drops off, the coach is responsible for the players, and the chairman is responsible for the coach!

Score: 6
The Pigeon Replying Jacobs conscience 3:20pm Sat 11 Mar 17

Correct and I would suggest plenty of top coaches would still want this job not one that has been fastracked undeservedly.

With regards to Bentham the entire panel of officials are awful this was confirmed last year when a part time one got to ref the cup final. Bentham is probably the worst of the bunch now Silverwood has retired.

Score: 3
Bill Bradbury Replying Jacobs conscience 5:53pm Sat 11 Mar 17

The answer lies with the chairman and the players. They know the problem. Has the coach lost the players in his selections and transfers. One prop he discarded to Warrington is a regular in their team. Others are playing out of position others doing the work of the forwards. Some of Cunningham selections are a mystery. If we lose against Catalan then the writing is on the wall for the coaching staff. The club needs to sort the problem out. We just speculate.

Score: 0
The Pigeon Replying Bill Bradbury 1:10am Sun 12 Mar 17

Kind of contradicted yourself there Bill blaming the players and chairman then questioning the coaches selection policy and transfer acumen.

When he took over he stated our recruitment policy has been poor for far too long. I suggest it as got worse with the exceptions of Fages and Walker his signings have been extremely poor. I also find it amazing has an ex hooker he thinks Tommy Lee is fit to wear the saints jersey he is awful.

People may point to the Salary Cap saying we are restricted as to the quality we sign. I put to them I would rather give any academy graduate a go rather than sign journeyman players like Tommy Lee and Jack Owens who simply aren't good enough.

With regards to the Chairman he has done wonders for the club his biggest mistake has been promoting an assistant who is far from ready instead of going for someone like Daryl Powell.

The other major concern is the brand of rugby it is quite frankly boring other clubs with lesser budgets entertain far greater.

Let's get a coach in who can bring the entertainers back they have been missing now for far too long.

Last edited: 1:48am Sun 12 Mar 17

Score: 1
Bill Bradbury Replying The Pigeon 9:04am Sun 12 Mar 17

Not contradiction but illustrates we let a good player go who was playing in the wrong position. It is the players for whatever reasons who are making errors, wrong coaching, tactics or whatever and it is the Chairman and board that sets the direction of the club which financially is better than many. Lip readers on TV saw his comment when Hull scored. Agree we should be promoting Academy players otherwise why have one. Wigan appear to do this to some effect especially their defensive efforts.

Score: 0
Jacobs conscience Replying Bill Bradbury 1:45am Sun 12 Mar 17

Bill Andre Savelio is not a prop forward, he's one of the best back row prospects in the competition, Our coach wanted him to play prop, and that's why they fell out. At Castleford, on loan he played back row with great effect, and Tony Smith has also been playing him there!

Last edited: 8:12pm Sun 12 Mar 17

Score: 1
jamesdev31@hotmail.com 2:19pm Sat 11 Mar 17

Only Wakefield have scored less points than Saints this season (Only played 3 games as opposed to Saints 4).

It's clear to everybody in Rugby League that Saints have discarded the old flair and open rugby under a coach who should never have been appointed.
McManus is the real culprit though ........why has he been appointed to chair the local Investment Board as well?
Failing team in a failing town

Score: 4
Gaz moon 10:13pm Sat 11 Mar 17

Keiron .... you've been a playing legend at the club.... please leave us with that memory.

Score: 1

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