FC St Helens are pleased to announce that Nick Dunn as accepted the role of the club's First Team Manager with immediate effect.

Steve Leather set up the club in 2014 with a target of taking the reins for a period of 3yrs before handing over to a new manager. In this time the club has formed into four teams; 1st, Reserves, Under 21 and an Under 15s

The club has decided to fast forward the original plans a few extra months to coincide with the growth plans in the summer that will see all the junior teams come under the umbrella of FC St Helens instantly making them the largest club in the town with in region of 22 teams across all ages.

Leather will take the lead on this along with the plans for the ground developments at Windleshaw Sports and as a result is now the club's ‘Director of Football’, a title that allows him to continue the work both on and off the field with a firm focus on the football club.

Nick Dunn has been part of the management from day one and its was always going to be the natural choice. His dedication to top quality coaching at FC has been there for all to see.

“I am excited to be given the chance to step up and follow Steve as First team Manager and looking forward to the hard work ahead,” said Dunn.

He will be helped by Oliver McBride until the end of the season when a further announcement will be made as to the club's Assistant Manager.