HOW good is your Saintly knowledge?

Why not have a crack at these 20 brainteasers.

1. How many consecutive years did Saints finish top of Super League under Daniel Anderson? 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

2. Who were Saints’ final opponents when they won the Lancashire Cup for the first time? St Hekens Recs.

3. Who was signed from Llanelli to replace Geoff Pimblett at full back in 1979? Clive Griffiths.

4. Which country did Tommy Martyn represent at international level? Ireland.

5. Which player is second only to Tom van Vollenhoven in the all-time Saints try scoring record? Les Jones.

6. What was the name of the French team Saints defeated in the opening round of the 2003 Challenge Cup? UTC.

7. From which team did Saints buy Sonny Nickle first time around? Sheffield Eagles.

8. Which two Saints players have twice scored six tries in a game? Tom van Vollenhoven and Steve Llewellyn.

9. Excluding the current incumbent, who was the last permanent Saints coach to fail to guide the team to any cup final? Kel Coslett.

10. Which former Saints player, prior to joining, had appeared on BBC Superstars alongside Tony Currie, Trevor Brooking and David Wilkie? Eric Hughes.

11. Les Quirk scored a hat-trick against which touring team in 1987? Auckland.

12. Which former teammate did Saints come up against during the 2003 cross-code challenge against Sale? Apollo Perelini.

13. Who scored Saints’ only points in the 2009 Grand Final? Kyle Eastmond.

14. Which short-lived team did Saints play for the first and last time in 1983? Kent Invicta.

15. Which 1990s hooker made a surprise return for the Saints game in Catalans in 2006? Tommy Hodgkinson.

16. Who scored a hat-trick in the first match he started for Saints in 2001? Dave McConnell.

17. Who did Saints defeat in the semi-final ahead of their 2014 Grand Final success? Catalans.

18. Who left Saints for Salford for a then record transfer fee of £13,500 in 1972/73? Eric  Prescott.

19. Kel Coslett, John Mantle and Frank Wilson represented which team in the County Championships? Other Nationalities.

20. Who holds the record for most drop goals in a Saints game? Harry Pinner.