The Play-off for the League Championship took place between Pilkington Vikings and Warriors.

Losing the toss, Vikings were put in and despatched in 18 balls, including 2 no-balls.

A full rounder was scored by Julie Aspin and Tracie Cribbin and Kath McManus contributed with a ½ each.

It took 39 balls, including 11 no-balls, for Vikings to dismiss Warriors.

A full rounder plus a ½ was scored by Louise McDonald and two penalty ½s for consecutive no-balls were awarded – one each to Kate Rose and Jenny Jones.

After 23 balls, including 4 no-balls, two of which gave a penalty ½ to Di Kenny, Vikings were on 4 with full rounders from Steph Dagger & Julie and ½‘s from Di, Tracie & Kath but eight lives had been lost leaving Julie with “best of 3”.

She scored a rounder off the first ball and went on to score three more from six balls but after two missed balls she did nothing with the 3rd and it was “side out”.

Warriors persevered for 43 balls only scoring 2½ with ½s from Yvonne Tinsley; Louise (2); and Jan who was also awarded a penalty ½ for consecutive no-balls but seven lives had been lost, leaving Jan and Vicky to try and perform a miracle along the lines of Julie’s.

It was not to be: they each scored a ½ before Jan was dismissed and Vicky, surviving a dropped catch on the first of her “best of 3” and, after refusing a no-ball, deciding to take the second, couldn’t avoid “side out”. Final score 10:6.