How the match was won.

0-0 - Justin Pipe wins the bull and will throw first.

1-0 - Pipe lands a 180 before hitting a superb 127 finish, on double eight, to win the opening leg.

1-1 - Smith levels by finishing 54 on tops.

1-2 - Smith hits a 180 to leave 83, and when Pipe misses double 16 and two darts at double eight, the former World Youth Champion takes out the finish on the bullseye to break throw.

2-2 - The roles are reversed, with Pipe's third 180 of the game leaving 36 before he returns to hit double 18 after the St Helens ace misses tops for a 117 checkout.

3-2 - Pipe misses tops to take out 78, but Smith wires the same double for a 120 combination to allow his opponent back in to regain the lead.

3-3 - Smith levels by taking out 112, using an improvised combination of single 20, treble 18 and double 19 after his first dart blocked the treble 20 bed.

4-3 - Smith opens with a 180, but is punished for missing his chance to break as Pipe takes out 90 on double 15.

4-4 - Smith lands his third maximum, and takes out 64 on double eight to level.

5-4 - Pipe finishes 104 on double 12 as he moves back ahead.

5-5 - Pipe fires in a 180 in vain as Smith pins double six to square the contest once more.

6-5 - Tops edges Pipe back in front.

6-6 - Smith replies on double top to level matters.

7-6 - Pipe once again moves ahead by holding throw.

7-7 - Smith lands a maximum, and though Pipe posts a 177 to leave 24, the youngster takes out 78 on double 12 for a 14-dart finish.

8-7 - Pipe initially misses double six and three, bursting his score, but returns on double six to regain his edge.

8-8 - Smith fires in a sixth maximum as he is first to a double, with Pipe's sixth 180 coming in vain as his opponent checks out double eight.

8-9 - Smith secures the first break of throw for 15 legs, taking out 65 on tops.

8-10 - Smith lands his seventh maximum of the game, before landing double five to secure an impressive win.