How the match was won.

 0-0 - Dean Winstanley wins the bull and will throw first.

1-0 - Chisnall makes a brilliant start, taking out 131 on double 16, as Winstanley waits on 40.

2-0 - Winstanley is again left waiting on 40 as Chisnall hits the winning double, this time taking out tops to finish 64.

2-1 - Winstanley initially misses double 12 to take out 97, but Chisnall misses a dart at tops to finish 64 on this occasion, allowing the Yorkshireman to finish double six with his third dart.

3-1 - Chisnall fires in the game's first 180, before hitting double eight to regain his edge.

4-1 - Double 16 gives Chisnall a second break of throw, as he moves three legs clear.

5-1 - Tops sees Chisnall win a third successive leg as his strong start continues.

5-2 - Chisnall fires in a 180 to leave 139, but pays the price for missing five darts at double as Winstanley steals the leg on double 16.

5-3 - Tops gives Winstanley a second successive leg.

6-3 - Chisnall scores 171 to leave 132, which he takes out on the bullseye to halt Winstanley's revival.

6-4 - Winstanley wins his third leg from four as he takes out 66.

7-4 - The pair trade 180s and Chisnall hits a 170 score during the leg - and when Winstanley misses double five for a 130 finish, the former World Grand Prix finalist takes out double two.

8-4 - Chisnall lands a fourth 180 of the game before taking out a fine 121 finish, his third ton-plus checkout of the contest.

9-4 - Winstanley posts a second maximum, but is unable to take the leg as Chisnall finishes 72 on tops to move to the brink of victory.

10-4 - Chisnall hits a second 171 score of the game before sealing victory.