St Helens Sutton A.C. members travelled to Halifax for their third match in the Northern Senior League.

For the men, George Asson ran a 11.1secs 100m. and 22.9secs in the 200m. with Matthew Lamb raunning 11.5secs. (100m.) and 23.7secs. (200m.). Lachlain Fisher ran 57.2secs. in the 400m and long jumped 4.62m. Jonathan Causer ran 57.4secs. in the 400m and 2 min.14.4 secs in the 800m. Adam Woosey ran 2 min.08.8 in the 800m. Tom Griffiths ran a brilliant 1500m in 4 min.06.6 and half an hour later the 5000m in 17 min.21.5 secs. Ian Costello also ran the same double event and ran the 1500m in 4 min.46.2 and the 5,000m in 18 min.38.1 secs.

Jamie White won the 3000m steeplechase in 10 min.39.9 s, with Peter Johnson finishing in 13 min.24.7s.

In the hurdles, Phil Robinson ran the 400m in 71.4 secs. and the 110m in 22.2 with Steven Clague the 400m in 78.9 sec.

Phil also competed in the pole vault (2.90m.), high jump (1.50m.), javelin (37.86m.) and the triple jump (11.13m).

The male throwers had a good day, Tom McKeever won the javelin with a throw of 47.13m. Mike Hughes threw the hammer 28.92m, the discus 22.33m and shot putt 7.98m, and Stephen Winn threw the hammer 21.96m. then the shot putt 8.50m.

Nathan Orr completed the throws with a 26.23m discus throw. Taylor Caton Hand had a great day by winning the long jump with 6.21m then the high jump with 1.76m. and finished off with the triple jump 13.75m.

The ladies also had a good day. Maddie Williams ran the 100m in 14.8secs and the 1500m. in 5 min.34.4 secs, Rachel McGoldrick ran the 200m in 31.9secs and the 3000m. in 11 min.41.0 secs. Maria McGoldrick ran the 400m. in 68.1 secs the the 800m. in 2 min.32.6 secs.

Amy Hughes had her usual busy day starting off with a 3.88m long jump, triple jumped 8.69m, high jumped 1.35m, ran 100m hurdles in 20.3s and the 4 x 100m relay. Trish Spark made a welcome return to competing throwing the hammer 35.89m, shot putt 7.62m, and threw the discus 19.31m and the javelin 13.43m.

Courtney Dodson did herself proud by running in the 400m (79.6secs), the 800m (3 min.06.4 ) and by throwing the javelin 9.95m.

Pauline Picton and Chris Dempsey stepped in last minute to cover the shot putt and the discus.

Karen Marsh, who is struggling to walk with a foot injury, even managed a standing hammer throw! Star of the day was coach Helena McGoldrick who volunteered to do the long jump, 100m, 1500m and a 4 x 400 relay thus gaining valuable points.