THE last few weeks has seen Andy Middlehurst and his son, Chris, hit the track in the UK and abroad with some great success.

Driving the Lotus 25 Andy returned to the streets of Monaco as the favourite in the class, having taken second and first places on two previous occasions, for F1 Grand Prix cars that were built between 1961 and 1965.

In the first qualifying session Andy firmly planted the 25 on pole 5 seconds clear of the rest of the field. He then followed this up in Q2 with a pole lap quicker than any other car in the field to a tune of 3.7 seconds despite only completing 1 flying lap.

Describing his Q2 pole lap Andy commented: “The traffic around Monaco is quite bad so a clear lap is near on impossible.

“We waited until the entire field had left the pits so I could create a gap. Every now and again you hook a lap up that is near on perfect. The best way to describe it was an ‘Ayrton Senna lap.’ Andy followed up his qualifying performance with a superlative display in the race around the principality. After a near perfect start saw Andy hassled by the Ex-John Surtees Ferrari driven by USA driver Joe Colasacco for a few laps before Andy built a lead of 36.6 seconds as the chequered flag fell.

Chris Middlehurst returned to Brands Hatch for the first time in BRDC F4.

Race 2 saw Chris and fellow driver Gustavo Lima create BRDC F4 history in a race that saw Lima beat Chris by 0.044s. The closest ever finish in the history of the category. The biggest gap between Lima and Chris during the race was no greater than 0.4s.

Commenting on his Race 2 podium Chris said: “It was the last lap and I thought I’d try and move round the outside.

“ I thought there was one lap left but there wasn’t.

“I tried to just get in his tow as much as I could and pull out but it wasn’t quite enough but I’m happy with second place and hopefully we’ll be in a good starting position for the third race as well.

“It’s a great opportunity for most drivers as they don’t use the Grand Prix circuit that often so I’m really thrilled to drive that and to be successful. Second place is great."