Crusaders recovered their form on Thursday when they took on Wild Cats at Windleshaw Road.

Batting first and playing a man short, the Cats, managed 1½ rounders from twenty seven balls, including 7 no-balls, two of which had produced a penalty ½ rounder to Lorraine Gabbitas who also scored a ½ and Alison Platt scored the other.

In reply, the visitors faced 54 balls, including 7 no-balls and posted a score of 4½ with the only full rounder coming from Jen Graham who also scored two ½’s and was awarded a penalty ½ for two consecutive no-balls. The other four halves came from Lynsey McHugh, Tasha Lee, Chloe Plunkett and Sue Smith.

In their second innings, Cats fared slightly better with halves from Lauren O’Hara, Di Arnold, Alison, Lorraine and Natalie Cotham (2) from 22 balls with no no-balls.

Crusaders needed just one ball for Lorna Brookes to score the winning ½: Final score 5:4½.