SAINTS boss Nathan Brown expects centre Jordan Turner to return to face Warrington at Magic on Sunday.

Turner has recovered sooner that expected after the initial fears of a broken foot were dispelled.

The three players who left the field at Odsal, Jonny Lomax, Joe Greenwood and Adam Swift are all expected to be fit.

Brown expects Warrington to present formidable opposition, despite their patchy start top the season.

He said: "It was unfortunate that Warrington lost through injury Ben Westwood, Paul Wood, Ben Harrison and Simon Grix – on top of that they have seen Morley, Carvell and Cooper move on.

"That is seven forwards – a lot of forward power to lose and that makes them play younger players more consistently. If you do that for a long time it is tough. If you put Westwood and Grix back in, alongside a couple of the younger blokes, then Warrington are fine, aren’t they?

"If Westwood plays we will know about it, because he does play and make his presence felt. They are just going through a transition period, coinciding with injury.

"With all their players on deck they have shown they can play – and they did that to Widnes and Catalan, two teams who are on form.

"Both clubs have a mutual respect for each other and play a good style of footy and so it should be a good contest."