THIS was a very strong performance from Ruskin who defended well and took every opportunity to attack the Wigan defence.

Ruskin started well again and spent the first twenty minutes camped in the Wigan half, unfortunately not coming away with any points as Fogarty had left his kicking feet and boots at home.

Wigan made a short term come back showing that they could play a strong driving game completely testing the resolve of the Ruskin players, who all stood up together and kept Wigan at bay.

The impact of the Ruskin back row substitutions immediately had an effect when Fogarty off loading in the tackle to Tress who ran an amazing attacking line before putting Potter into space with the try line beckoning, Potters legs just hung on and he stumbled over the try line. Fogarty kicked the conversation from under the post to give Ruskin a 7 point lead.

Wigan managed to force a penalty to claw back a few points before half time.

After the break Wigan started the strongest and remained in the Ruskin half for a long and hard 15 minutes. Ruskin tackled hard and turned the ball over time and time again only for Wigan to launch another attack.

Eventually Ruskin regained possession for an extended period and worked their way back up field against the wind to earn some much deserved penalty opportunities, Fogarty extending the spectators tension by missing all the penalties.

The final minutes were a tribute to how much Ruskin players have learnt this season by the way they closed the game down, kept possession in the forwards and continued to drive the Wigan players backwards towards their own line.

The final whistle blew at 7 -3.

A fantastic win and well deserved from an ever improving team.