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Zoe Donoghue

No lager is pretty hard to do! (David Donoghue)

Posted on 12:19pm Wednesday 8th February 2012

We are now at the halfway point in our eight week torture, oops I meant to say fitness regime and i have got to say that i am really enjoying it, well most of it , I have found it a little hard at the weekends, not because of the training, but the lack of not having any lager!

Zoe Donoghue

I can even fasten my pants!

Posted on 11:20am Wednesday 8th February 2012

The good work is paying off… eventually

Zoe Donoghue

Is needing to up my game!

Posted on 11:04am Monday 30th January 2012

I even managed to resist buying myself a Mc Donalds when purchasing for my daughter .. happy days!

Zoe Donoghue

Just to say .. no chocolate has touched my lips!

Posted on 12:54pm Friday 27th January 2012

Who needs enemies with 'friends' like you!

Zoe Donoghue

Raising the bar (Dave Donoghue - week 2)

Posted on 11:15am Friday 27th January 2012

45 minutes of hell, but its worth it.

Zoe Donoghue

It hurt so much I couldn’t sit down! (Dave Donoghue - week one)

Posted on 11:12am Friday 27th January 2012

Is wondering what on earth I have got myself into!

My legs and ribs are killing me!

Posted on 11:22am Thursday 26th January 2012

I am aching so much from my exercises on Monday, my legs and ribs are killing.

Zoe Donoghue

Doing the bear walk of shame!

Posted on 5:28pm Tuesday 24th January 2012

Things need picking up to get some results...

I feel able to start over

Posted on 4:08pm Tuesday 24th January 2012

Have been off sick for a week and unfortunately was unable to attend the fitness classes last week.

I am losing inches

Posted on 4:05pm Tuesday 24th January 2012

Did my own measurements today!

Missing chocolate

Posted on 3:33pm Friday 20th January 2012

Another session and, after two full weeks, I feel loads better already. Missing chocolate... although really motivated by Steve to carry on.

Zoe Donoghue

Working through the pain

Posted on 1:49pm Thursday 19th January 2012

Kettlebells are such a versatile piece of equipment

Still aching

Posted on 10:14am Thursday 19th January 2012

Been really aching since Monday's session - it must be working though!

Zoe Donoghue

The finishers ... do as they say ... finish you off! (Week 2 Monday)

Posted on 9:37am Tuesday 17th January 2012

Just when you think you have finished and mentally shut off!

Zoe Donoghue

What will the weekend bring ... A hiccup with alcohol consumption...

Posted on 2:20pm Monday 16th January 2012

After a little hiccup with alcohol consumption, I have punished myself by doing a little extra today with two fitness classes back to back.

Zoe Donoghue

Resisting temptation

Posted on

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Tuesday and Wed week 1

Zoe Donoghue

Week 1 Thursday - Your ideas would be gratefully received..

Posted on 11:27am Friday 13th January 2012

Well surprisingly I have had no abuse as yet for the piece in the paper, which is good!

Zoe Donoghue

TGI Friday

Posted on 3:38pm Monday 16th January 2012

Note to self … lunch time work outs are not a good idea

What I ate on Sunday..

Posted on 10:17am Monday 16th January 2012

Really stuck to diet over the weekend have managed not to give in to temptation!

I feel better already

Posted on

Sticking to the diet - feel loads better already. Had a lovely stir fry last night. Another session training tonight looking forward to it!

It's a good job I like porridge...

Posted on

Today have had porridge again for the fifth day on the run, good job I like it. Looking forward to the exercise tonight now that I know what to expect, almost one week down – 7 to go.

Weighed and measured

Posted on

Weighed and measured on Monday followed by a stamina test, slightly achy but ready for the training tonight. Diet going well.

First session was a killer!

Posted on 9:55am Thursday 12th January 2012

First big training session last night, absolute killer! Steve really helped though making sure I was ok all the time, also really motivating keeping me going. Next session Friday – bring it on!

Aches and pains show 'something is happening'

Posted on

After my fitness test on Monday I have been aching ever since - which hopefully shows something is happening. I feel better eating healthier even though its only been three days.

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