IN June my wife and her twin sister where shopping in Church Street, St Helens town centre and came across a street trader selling a joke book called "Mr Pythons Presents /// Gags Galore" .

She was told that the proceeds from the sale of the book were to raise money for purchasing mobility scooters for suitable needy people.

My wife being disabled, having suffered a severe stoke three years ago, gave willingly as did her sister.

When she showed me the Joke Book and told me what the purpose of the sale was for, I was a little sceptical.

In the event I followed the advice given in the book to nominate a suitable person who would benefit from having a mobility scooter donated to them and sent an email to the jokebook team recommending they consider my wife Maureen.

You can imagine my great surprise when I received an e mail in September confirming an offer from the Joke Book Team of a 3 wheeled mobility scooter for my wife.

The scooter was delivered that month and has been of great assistance in helping her get around.

The Joke Book Team are due in St Helens in December and I hope they are well supported.

My wife and I take this opportunity to thank them wish them all the best and hope they have a prosperous Christmas.

Maureen and David Chesworth, St Helens