ALL these letters of late in the Star concerning global warming!

All the data and jargon... too much information for a scientific muffin like me.

We are very aware that global warming is a reality that won’t go away, even been taught ways we can alleviate the greenhouse effect.

Should we be bothered?

Two superpowers have their own agenda, refusing to accept man is destroying his planet.

Despite all the evidence that massive climate change is causing natural disasters and the polar ice caps have been melting for years, even our own green and pleasant land is becoming waterlogged.

So what difference can we make, a tiny offshore island, a still small voice with no clout?

My views may be very green (naive ) to the more learned tripe. Being fluent in tripe acts as an antidote to the slings and arrows fired at us by them as knows better!

I failed English Grammar too. Fleet Street’s loss!

Joan Byron, Mendip Grove.