HEARTBROKEN charity shop volunteers have described how they ‘felt sick’ when their beloved premises were broken into by smash and grab thieves.

The St Helens Life Care Centre, which offers support and counselling to local families from their base on North John Street, was targeted by mindless thieves.

They smashed the door down and stole more than £120 cash, a gold ring, two silver rings and a watch.

Centre manager Marie Clapham said: “What’s most upsetting is that these thieves have obviously been watching us during the day and working out what they were going to do.

"It was awful to find that when I came in the following morning - I was shaking like a leaf and felt like I was going to fall to pieces.

“The response from our customers has been great. They really helped to pick all the volunteers up.

"One regular has even been in several times since the break-in to make sure everything’s alright.”