THE world has been challenged by the scone-baking wizards of a small village with a big heart. They believe they make the best home-made scones in existence, and stake out their challenge to all comers at the Moss Bank gala day on Saturday, July 19.

One of the organising team, Rita Allcock, says that the scone making class has always been hotly competed. “We believe we have the very best in Moss Bank and we are ready to compete with the rest of the world.”

She advises: ”Bring six of your home-made scones to the marquee by 2pm on gala day.” The event, on the village green, will be fairly judged by a scone expert and prizes will be awarded.

“And if anyone can beat our own Moss Bankers they will go away knowing they are indeed world champions!” The gala folk are working on, without the humour and influence of big Bernard Wilson, who died recently.

“Bernard started the gala 30 years ago,” says Rita, “and it will be hard to continue without him.”

But the team are introducing several events for people of any age. There’s a run for Willowbrook Hospice, to be called the Bernard Wilson Memorial Run. As well, of course, as the launch of that world scone-making challenge!