A BMX rider who miraculously survived a horror crash on the East Lancs Road has been billed £240 by St Helens Council for closure and repair of the highway.

Martin Lloyd was flung headlong into the road after his bike collided with a car on the busy dual carriageway.

He broke 20 bones, was in an induced coma for eight days and, as the Star reported in November, doctors were amazed he had the strength to pull through.

Now the unemployed father-of-one says he has suffered a kick in the teeth after the St Helens Council financial penalty landed on his doormat.

It is to cover the costs of closing a section of the Liverpool-bound carriageway at the Carr Mill junction in the aftermath of the crash on Sunday, September 26.

Martin, 20, told the Star: “If I had died what would they have done – sent a bill to my mum, my dad, or my auntie?

“They wouldn’t, they would have left it. Now, they think oh he’s had a bit of a rough time, but he’s okay now.

“I‘ve had three letters and they have said if I can’t afford to pay they will take me to court.

“I’m disgusted to be honest, I didn’t ask for any of this. When I was in hospital they didn’t expect me to recover. Now I’m being hit with this.

“I’ve viewed the CCTV and obviously it was my fault. But it was an accident I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

If it was not for the swiftness of air ambulance crews arriving at the scene and getting him to hospital, Martin would have died.

When he awoke from the coma day doctors and nurses said: “You shouldn’t even be here. You’re very lucky.”

He spent five weeks in hospital after five and has continued to undergo treatment since then.

His catalogue of injuries included a fractured skull, broken ribs, collarbone and shattered right leg.

Martin, of Cherry Tree Drive, Parr, added: “I don’t remember the crash itself.

“I feel sorry for the driver, if I had died it could have ruined his life.”

Police have investigated the collision but will not take any action against Martin.

After receiving a third letter stating the local authority will take legal action if he does not pay up he has agreed to pay the costs back at £2 per week.

In a statement Councillor Joe De’Asha, Cabinet Member for Environmental Protection, said St Helens Council was taking the correct course of action.

He said: “Obviously we’re delighted that Mr Lloyd has now recovered from his injuries.

“However we feel it would be unfair to let council tax payers pick up the tab for an operation that resulted entirely from Mr Lloyd’s actions.

“CCTV footage clearly indicates the sequence of events in this matter and we are satisfied that it’s appropriate to invoice Mr Lloyd for the relevant costs.

“Damage to council property and the costs we incur in the aftermath of an accident are usually recovered via vehicle insurance. In this case that is clearly not an option.

“This is not a case of uncaring, unyielding bureaucracy – we’re more than happy to look at cases where there is the slightest suggestion of unfairness - however in this case the facts are clear.

“We are pleased to see that Mr Lloyd has accepted responsibility for his role in this incident.”