TWO devastated brides are refusing to leave a hotel until they get their wedding deposits back after being told Mercure St Helens was under threat of closure.

Tracey Barrow, from Grange Park, who has paid a deposit of £1,000 to have her wedding at the Chalon Way East venue in May, has been at the hotel since 10am this morning.

This follows a phone call she received from the superintendent registrar of St Helens saying the hotel would be closing and did she want to rearrange her plans.

The tearful 51-year-old, said: “We were really excited and now I’m just devastated. How can the owner and manager just not be here?

“I found out yesterday that the hotel is to be closed and to come in to try and get my deposit back this morning and I’m not leaving until I get it.

“When I came in the poor girl on the desk was nearly in tears having to deal with everything and it’s disgusting.

“Me and Phil have been saving up for 18 months and have had to cancel everything.

“I just can’t believe this has been allowed to happen, I’ve met other brides today who are in the same boat as me.”

Mercure Haydock have reportedly offered to host weddings at their venue, but due to the Mercure St Helens being a franchise, they will also need to be paid a deposit.

Following a meeting with hotel bankers and head staff Mercure St Helens this morning, Friday, January 12, has announced to staff that it will remain open in the short-term.

Despite this, “disgusted” bride-to-be Kellie from Parr says she wants to go elsewhere.

The 30-year-old, who was due to get married to her fiancé Steven in August at the hotel, said: “It’s just disgusting, and they’ve left two brides, maybe more devastated, the owner should be ashamed of himself.”

“Apparently there’s no money there for them to give us our money back, but like Tracey I am not leaving here without my deposit.

“I cannot trust that things like this won’t happen again in six months’ time, so I want to go elsewhere.

“The staff are even saying they haven’t been paid for five weeks, so how is my wedding going to go ahead?”

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