A 60-YEAR-OLD man has died three days after apparently suffering a single punch outside a taxi rank.

The man, who is believed to have hit his head on the floor, had been in a critical condition after suffering a suspected bleed on the brain following the incident on Baldwin Street, St Helens in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police confirmed that the man, from Liverpool, died on Tuesday morning.

It is believed he had been part of a group of eight who had attended the gin festival at St Helens Town Hall earlier on Friday evening.

The assault happened between the A to B taxi rank and the Pizza Chef takeaway restaurant at around 12.30am. It is believed the man was part of a group of four who were going to get a taxi home.

It appears the man had got into a taxi but then stepped out of the vehicle to speak with friends who had been buying food from the takeaway. He then suffered the single blow.

A 56-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of assault on Saturday following the incident and he was later released pending further enquiries prior to the victim’s death.

Police confirmed the victim and the man questioned were part of a group on the same night out.

The tragedy comes as St Helens Council continues to raise awareness of the One Punch Can Kill Campaign, which underlines the potentially catastrophic consequences of a single blow.

It is the second single punch incident to have led to a death in the town centre this year, although both cases happened in different sets of circumstances.

Actor and poet Len Saunders died in July after being attacked by a drunken yob because he did not give him a cigarette.

Witnesses are encouraged to call the police on 0151 777 6183.