SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook wants the team to be proud of the town and play an even greater role in the community.

Already there is evidence of that coming to fruition with players from the first team squad visiting 34 of the borough’s schools in the past seven days.

This drive for the club to be at the heart of the town is another of the lessons Holbrook learned while over in America for his recent study trip.

Holbrook said: “One of the big things we got out of Memphis Grizzlies – even though they are pretty low team in NBA standards – was what they did was massive for the community.

“I am going to really push that hard this pre-season.

“We need to do more in the community and include the fans in the things we do.

“It has to be a partnership; we need the town to be healthy and they need us to be winning.”

Apart from the schools visits, players have been active attending club presentations at Pilkington Recs, Thatto Heath, Haydock, Clock Face, Blackbrook, Newton and Portico.

Holbrook is learning all the time how important the club is to St Helens.

“At the Tom van Vollenhoven service the other week there was gathering of more than 400 people there.

“That shows how big our team is to the town.

“I want the town to be proud of us and I want us to be proud to play for St Helens,” he said.