THE mum of Violet-Grace Youens shared a heartbreaking image on the eve of what should have been the four-year-old’s first day of school.

Violet-Grace, from Eccleston, died in March after being struck by a speeding car while walking home from school with her nan.

As her fellow Eccleston Mere nursery pupils got ready to face their first day at ‘big school’ this week her mum Becky Youens posted a picture of her daughter and her bedroom.

This included her pink beaker – now empty of water long since evaporated – and a new Beauty and the Beast flower in a jar bought by Becky as a symbol of the last film mum and daughter watched together.

It said: “My heart aches as it is just so broken... Violet should be starting her very first day of reception class in the morning, and I should have a very excited little girl tucked up safe in her bed... instead 'our forever four-year-old angel' is up in heaven.

“I have recycled her very first day of Eccleston Mere Nursery photo to pop on as a marker of what should be her first day tomorrow in 'big school'.

“I have also posted a picture of a little present I bought her, for her bedroom since her passing... On the Monday of the week of her passing we watched our final movie at the cinema together which was Beauty and The Beast.

“This rose signifies that my love for Violet will never fade and I miss her so much every day; my beautiful 'Belle - beautiful inside and out'."

She added: “I just want to wish all Violet's cohort of Reception Class at Eccleston Mere Primary School and St Julies Primary School a fab first day. I'm sure Violet will be with them all in spirit, singing and dancing.”

The 30-year-old also shared the post to raise awareness for Organ Donation Week, after she and her husband Glenn made the decision to donate Violet's kidneys and pancreas – saving two lives.

She added: “I would ask that anyone who reads my post, that they consider signing up, and most importantly, tell their loved ones of their wishes.

“I know Violet did not have the capacity to make that decision, and myself and Glenn made it for her; but she was such a generous lovely, loving child, who always cared and looked out for others, and we know it is what she would have wanted.

“Once we knew there was no more the team at Alder Hey Children's Hospital could do to bring her back (and trust me, they do not like defeat, it's not what they enter the profession for), it was not a question for us.

“In fact, contrary to some beliefs, the medical team did not ask us...we asked them, and we have no regrets whatsoever.

“The whole team at NHS organ donation and transplant who cared for Violet once she had passed are true superheroes too.

“I am so proud of our superhero Violet-Grace who has gone on to save lives.”

To find out more on organ donation or to sign up visit