THESE pictures sent in by Star reader David Garratt show discarded needles and drug paraphernalia strewn across the woodland near a children’s park.

The potentially dangerous equipment was found next to Fosters Park in the town centre and has caused residents in the community to be concerned after the photographs were posted on Facebook.

David said: "This has been going on for months but nothing seems to get done when it's reported, even though some of this drug detritus eventually makes it's way into the park.

"This park is regularly used by children and dog walkers and eventually there will be an accident if something isn't done."

This is one of many reports in the borough in the past year.

A St Helens Council spokesman said: “The littered drug paraphernalia found on land at the rear of Fosters Park was reported to us through our Contact Centre at lunchtime on Monday, September 11 and was cleared by our Grounds Maintenance team by 2.30pm the same day.

"We would like to thank the Fingerpost Community Group for reporting the matter, as this is the

best way to quickly solve such issues.

“We encourage residents to report discarded drug paraphernalia to us straight away by phone on 01744 676789 or via our website at

Alternatively, search St Helens in the app store and download the mobile app, which has a dedicated function for quickly reporting littered drug equipment.”