A COUPLE who love a good pint have taken their "hop-py love" to the next level by opening a craft beer shop sourcing only local goods.

Sam Bailey and Neil Ashton from Sutton Manor, opened CatHop, at Inglenook Farm in Rainford on Thursday, August 3, and offer a wide variety of bottled and canned options from locally sourced breweries.

The project has been years in the making, with the couple travelling across the UK visiting breweries and specialist bars to not only offer hand-selected beers but also ciders, meads and fruit wines

Sam, 32, said: “We’ve always been into beer and have been to events like the Great British Beer Festival and when the opportunity came up at Inglenook we just jumped at it.

“The top beers are not necessarily from elsewhere in the world, there are really good beers being made on our doorstep, we don’t need to pay for one in the US for example.

“Our plans for the future is to get an on licence so we can offer samples to people but currently we are so happy with getting it set up, it’s in a lovely place and we have had a lot of support.

“We both love our beers and a good chat so if someone isn’t sure about whether they may like beer or are curious you can come to us.”

Cathop, named after their love of cats and beer, also offers more specialist options including vegan and gluten-free beers.

Local St Helens brewery, Connoisseur Ales has thrown their backing behind the new venture.

Head brewer Kevin added: "An independent bottled beer shop, ran by passionate beer lovers, with a focus on local, national and world beers is just the kind of forward-thinking business that St Helens needs.

“You have our support and we wish you the best of luck.”

The shop is open from 11am to 5pm.