A DOZEN sixth-formers from Rainford High are travelling out to Ghana to build the country's first ever STEM centre.

Year 12 students are gearing up for the two-week adventure in West Africa after having raised money throughout the academic year to fund their volunteering trip.

Rainford Sixth Form is supporting UK charity Book Cycle for the fourth year by teaming up with Ghanaian charity Thrive Africa, which provides opportunities to volunteer in Ghana on development projects.

The Sixth Form sent a massive container of books and STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics) equipment to Ghana ahead of the trip, thanks to donations from teachers, students, AJ Bell, Cowley International College and STEM Learning UK.

The equipment will be loaned out to schools in Ghana and classes will be invited to visit the centre, which will cater for 350 schools.

Student Tara Butler, who is heading to Ghana, said: “The whole group aspires to positively impact the lives of the young children, hoping to give them the same opportunities in Ghana as we receive back home.”

Catherine Benbow, head of sixth form at Rainford, added: “This trip is just one of the many enrichment initiatives we offer to our sixth formers to give them a rounded, balanced education which develops students both academically and socially.

“The students can’t wait to land in Ghana and build the STEM centre – they’ve been fundraising all year and are so passionate about this project. We can’t wait to see the STEM centre take shape thanks to all our students’ tireless work.”