A DISGUSTED mum-of-four says she will “never return” to a town centre pub again after her husband found chewed up gum wrapped in kitchen roll in his dinner.

Leanne McClymont, from Newton-le-Willows, says she felt “physically sick" after her husband Ste, 35, was served a meal at Wetherspoon's The Glass House in St Helens.

The 36-year-old said: “We usually go to Wetherspoons in Earlestown but on this occasion it was full, and one of our lads likes the curry night there so we decided to try the one in town instead.

“We ordered food and my husband Ste ordered the Statedog. When it arrived, it looked good so he bit into it and felt immediately that there was something wrong.

“He spat it out and looked at what he had been chewing and it initially looked like a piece of plastic but after we looked more closely we found that it was chewed up chewy in kitchen roll.

“We all felt physically sick and I went and reported it to staff who were also shocked and offered us a replacement – but it ruined our appetites.

“That’s worse than finding a hair in your dinner, this chewy had been in someone else’s mouth and Ste had been chewing on it. Simply disgusting.

“They just seemed to brush it off saying they don’t know how it got in the toppings of the hotdog but seriously someone left that in the kitchen so there are serious health and safety issues there.

“Eventually we were offered a refund but we will never return to that Wetherspoons again.

“I still feel sick with the thought of it.”

A JD Wetherspoon spokesman added: “We are fully aware of the complaint by the customer as the partner of the customer emailed the company with the details of the situation.

“At present the matter is still being investigated and we will be speaking with the customer as soon as the investigation has been completed.”