THE Archbishop of Liverpool Malcolm McMahon joined more than 50 Rainhill residents for a pilgrimage around the village to show solidarity with refugees.

Led by St Bartholomew’s CAFOD Group, the event was a multi-denomination event with parishioners from St Ann’s CE Church and St James’ Methodist Church walking together carrying the Liverpool Lampedusa Cross.

The cross, carved from the wreckage of refugee boats, was made by Italian carpenter Francisco Tuccio, after meeting survivors from a refugee boat disaster which killed more than 300 people.

Following the walk, in a service led by the archbishop, he blessed the Cross and wrote a message of hope to refugees.

Attendees wrote their own messages to refugees to be distributed by CAFOD to refugees around the world.

CAFOD representative in Liverpool, Ged Edwards, said: “In 2016, Mr Tuccio made the Liverpool Lampedusa Cross. It bears witness to the dangerous journeys and many uncertainties migrants and refugees face today. It reminds us of the power of our own acts of love, mercy and hope.

“Many of us feel the same sentiment that the carpenter Francesco Tuccio has spoken of, that feeling of ‘what can I do to make a difference?’

“The compassion shown by the people in Rainhill for those suffering is extraordinary. This is a very real way of showing solidarity and letting those who have been forced from their homes know that we do care.”

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