A RESIDENT frustrated by the level of waste being dumped in an alley at the back of his property has called for action to be taken.

James Henshall says large amounts of rubbish have been left in the area between Eliza Street and Francis Street in Sutton which has been an issue for the past couple of years.

He says waste, which has included including settees, wood and other types of rubbish have been causing a menace for people in the neighbourhood.

"It has been going on for a couple of years, it's getting to be ridiculous," said James.

"I have phoned the council about it. There is always different stuff being dumped, it's beginning to look like St Helens tip.

"It has a big effect on my life. I have to see it when I walk my dogs and children like to play there and it's not going to be very good for them. We've had a total of about 20 bin bags in the entry."

James, 67, added: "If the council would put things though the door saying they want the neighbours to report anything. What would it cost to have CCTV and cover the entry?

"It never stops and neighbours have reported it too."

When contacted by the Star, a council spokesperson said: “Fly-tipping is a crime St Helens Council takes very seriously, and we will not hesitate to take those found responsible to court, where we have had recent success in prosecuting those found to be found guilty of this act which takes up valuable council resources during the removal and cleansing process.

“People are obliged to know where their waste has gone, so those who pass on their waste to unregistered waste carriers with no questions asked are operating illegally and are liable for fines too.

"To report fly tipping, call 01744 676789, or visit sthelens.gov.uk/contact-us.

"Alternatively, residents can report fly-tipping on the council's free mobile app which can be found by searching on 'St Helens Council' in your app store."