A PET snake which had been missing for seven weeks has been reunited with its owners after shocked neighbours saw it in their kitchen.

It was a dramatic morning for one household on Chiltern Road in Parr on Monday as the unexpected sight of the four-foot long snake was seen near the kitchen sink.

Gareth Mort, 23, who lives with mum Andrea and brother Darren, contacted the Star after they discovered the snake.

Gareth said: "We woke up in the morning and my mum noticed it first.
"She thought that I had put a toy one there at first as a joke. 

"It looked like one at first and then when we started prodding it its tongue was coming out and it started moving its head.

"Our reaction was just disbelief, it's not something you expect.

"I took some pictures and been sending it round everywhere to all my friends. They were all in disbelief as well."

After spotting the story on the Star website, owner Louise Robinson, who lives next door has been reunited with the pet, called Medusa. 

"She is a royal python and is four years old," said Louise.

"We have had her since a baby and she went missing about seven weeks ago.

"We live next door to where she was found and I have thanked them. They were not scared as they put her in a container to keep her safe.

"My daughter is so happy to have her back."