A GRANDMOTHER-OF-THREE has spoken of her heartache after a special wreath placed on a family plot was stolen from a churchyard.

Ethel Haggerty, of Parr, was devastated to learn the wreath, that the family had added too for more than five years, had been taken from the grave of her mum, dad and brother in St Nicholas Church on New Street, Sutton Leach. 

The 60-year-old said: "It's a large wreath so it could not be misplaced, it's around three foot wide and it meant so much to the family. 

"My brother died young in the 80s  and my mum and dad have since joined him, so it's very soothing to be able to go there and pay my respects, but someone has just tainted that with this act.

"I don't care who has taken it we just want it back, I'm upset because it's taken from a grave which makes my loss come back afresh."

The wreath which included waterproof cards and letters was of great sentimental value to the family and Ethel is blaming the lack of security at the graveyard for the theft.

The mum-of-two added: "It was the family church and it's lovely but honestly the ground is so uneven and the security at night is non-existent. 

"Something needs to be done so other families aren't upset by similar situations like we have been." 

A spokesman from the Liverpool Diocese said: “We’re really sorry to hear of the theft of a wreath from the graveyard of St Nicholas Church in St Helens. 

"A graveyard is one way that people are able to remember their loved ones and we understand the importance for people to be able to do this freely, so by their very nature graveyards are very difficult to keep secure. 

"Many people also gain great comfort by feeling close to those who are no longer with them by placing items next to the grave and we can only imagine the distress the lady concerned must feel about loss of a wreath which has such a great emotional meaning to her. 

"We appeal to anyone who saw, or knows anything about the theft, to get in touch with the police, especially given the


"We’d also ask all residents in the area, to please remain vigilant and help prevent such an incident happening to anyone


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