ST HELENS Citizens’ Advice Bureau is urging people to “fight back” against scammers by reporting incidents of fraud.

With fewer than five per cent of people in the UK reporting scams to the authorities, Citizens Advice in partnership with St Helens Council’s Trading Services have said that it is time ensure scammers do not get away with conning innocent people.

People are urged to check with trusted friends or relatives about anyone asking for financial details and to report dodgy requests.

Scams come in lots of different forms including dodgy online adverts and tricksters using dating websites to build relationships with people they later defraud.

Other common types including ‘phishing’ emails and ‘vishing’ phone calls designed to con people into giving away sensitive information, investment scams, and advanced fees requested to claim unexpected lottery wins.

Kath Inkpen, Social Policy Coordinator from St Helens CAB said: “Scammers can’t continue to get away with fleecing people of their hard-earned money. We want to see a fight back against scams.

“It is a disgrace that scammers often target elderly people with sophisticated scams such as posing as their bank or phone company. People regularly come to us with heart-breaking stories about con artists taking their money and it’s important that people know what to look out for and what they can do.

“Anyone who is unsure about someone asking for their financial details should check with someone they trust and report anything that sounds dodgy to their local Citizens Advice Bureau. You can get the low-down on scams by visiting”