A PILE of football kits is about to wing its way to players in the poorest parts of the world thanks to these generous youngsters.

They are members of Rainhill Rockets, which has 14 teams and a tots’ academy. One of the managers Nick McCoy said they try and be “more than just a football club”.

Last weekend they held a special charity tournament and asked players to donate a piece of kit whether it was boots, socks or shirts.

The kits are then sent to the charity Kits4Causes which will distribute it across the world, primarily in North Africa.

Nick said: “Last year the kits went to Tanzania. They were from football clubs including, Liverpool, Barcelona and Man United but not Everton as they don't like them!

"People set themselves up as teams and use the kits to play against each other. The charity uses football as a medium to go into the community where they can educate people on health issues such as HIV. It's not just about football kits its about bringing communities together.

"We had around 100 up there on Saturday and in total we've collected at least a pallet full of kits.”

He explained that the children were placed into teams of mixed ages and abilities with the tournament winners getting their hands on ice creams instead of medals.

On the day the guests of honour were the Mayor and Mayoress of St Helens who doused five youngsters and three coaches in the ice bucket challenge, raising money for research into motor neurone disease.

Nick said: "We explained to the kids about the real story about the ice bucket challenge and how that few seconds of helplessness and not being able to move gives a brief insight in what motor neurone disease is like.

Rainhill Rockets also holds regular charity appeals at Easter and Christmas.