FOR seven-year-old Clark Doyle being a filmstar was something he had always imagined.

But now thanks to the efforts of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, that dream will become a reality as Clark will see himself on the big screen at Cineworld cinema starring in his own movie 'Dimension Zero.'

Clark suffers from muscle-wasting disease Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which he was diagnosed with three years ago. The disease, currently incurable, has been the subject of the Joining Jack campaign, which supports Jack Johnson, son of ex-Wigan rugby league player Andy.

For Thatto Heath Primary school pupil Clark the opportunity to star in his own film came about after his family got in touch with the foundation, which grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions.

“He likes scary films and things like that so we thought why not and decided to put that down as his wish,” says Clark’s mum, Katy, of Waterfield Village.

“He absolutely loved doing it. He went down to London to do it. It’s a sci-fi type film with four actors in costume and was made in one day in 12 hours. His dad is in it as well.

“Clark has created his own character and they asked Jim’s Henson Creature Shop to make it. It’s called hand-tongued frog and will be made bigger in the film using CGI.

“But he won’t reveal too much about the film!”

The illness causes muscles to weaken and waste over time which leads to increasing disability and significantly shortened life expectancy.

The Star’s story about Clark last year led to an avalanche of support around the town, with thousands being raised to go towards research to find a cure for the disease.

Although the disease has not had any debilitating effects upon Clark yet, the research into the condition is vital for treatment of his condition.

Katy ,32, added: “It’s a race against time really. There was a setback with one of the trials and they’re looking at ways to try it again.

“In the next couple of years things will start to get worse for Clark and that could coincide with treatments. We’re desperately hoping that we will be in time.”

The special showing of Clark’s film, which will run for more than 12 minutes, will be premiered at Cineworld cinema this Sunday with family and friends invited to the event.

His mum added: “There are about 150 going including family and guests with some from his school going.

”He’s just been talking about it all the time ever since and he has been looking forward to it."