YOBS who set fire to grassland near a busy road were in danger of causing a traffic pileup warned the fire service.

Crews were called to land off St Helens Linkway at around 5.39pm on Monday, September 1.

Firefighters used beaters to tackle the blaze which spread across land measuring 200 metres square.

Crew manager Steve McHale who attended the call out with White Watch from St Helens said: “The fire involved grassland near a local lake and near to a bit of woodland. It could have spread towards the wood and destroyed local habitats.

“Deliberately starting fires on grassland and open spaces is arson and offenders will be prosecuted.

“If a fire engine has to attend a grass fire that has been started deliberately it may delay the responses to another emergency.

“Fires started on grassland near motorways and busy roads can cause smoke to drift across roads creating an extra hazard for drivers.

“We investigate all fires we are called to.”

Firefighters left the scene by 6.10pm.