A SCHOOLBOY was a little disappointed to get a grade C in his A-level maths - despite being just ten years old.

DAVID Xu, a pupil at Merton Bank Primary, David has been preparing for his exams with lessons at Cowley since Christmas.

But after earning the grade said, the maths whiz kid:“I could do better. My dad has been teaching me maths since I was three and I am hoping to progress a lot further in the next few years.”

With sights set on a place at Oxford or Cambridge, David is passionate about the subject which has been instilled in him by his father,

Peter Xu, 41, who runs the Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic on Vincent Street with wife Lily. They moved to St Helens seven years ago.

He said: “When I was a student I didn’t study hard enough and regretted it. I didn’t go to the top university. David is clever but you also need focus.”

David said. “I left China at an early age but need to improve my language. I would like to study something scientific. After all science is the language of maths.

“One thing I am not that good at is writing stories although I am good at grammar.”

He is not fazed by sharing a class with students several years older than him: “Being in a class with them is no big deal. But it is very different from going to primary school. The teacher doesn’t want any discussions especially in a classroom full of 15 students.

“My father inspired me to want to go to university and has told me a lot of information about Oxford and Cambridge. I’m pretty sure I will make it but the problem is that I know how hard it is to get a C.”