THEY may be headliners at home but Stillia will get back to basics in London where they will be recording new material.

The band from Sutton is in the capital after a signing a record deal and is looking ahead to a potential UK tour at the turn of the year. But it is not all glitz and glamour yet for the lads, who will be busking in the day and decking down in a van at night.

Lead singer Jack Bennett told the Star: “At the moment we are just gigging everywhere. When we go on tour we want to do it properly.

“We will be in London for ten days sleeping in a van and living off bread and water. When we are not in the studio from 7pm to 7am we will be around London busking at tourist attractions.”

The 18-year-old frontman said they are delighted with the next stage of their blossoming career.

“Signing with the label took a lot of time and thinking about because we have had offers before but never took them.

“We're looking to tour after the new year. It will be in proper venues with big crowds.”

Despite being in their teens the band, Which includes lead guitarist Connor Moran, bass guitarist Dave Sarbutts and drummer Matty Bennet, cite diverse influences, ranging from the 50s to modern musicians such as George Ezra.

Jack added: “We sit down and see what comes out. Someone will bring a verse and someone a guitar riff. That’s how some songs develop.

“Songs can be about our area and the town or even what we see out of the bedroom window. We come from a working class town and come from working class families so we write about that.”

Jack said that all four band members share the same ambition to succeed.

He added: “It’s all we have ever wanted to do whether it takes off or not. Even if we never made a living out of it we would still go on tour and sing songs.

“We have never been fussed about making money. Although that would be nice. It’s not about fame.

And he added: “It’s about making sure thousands of people like our music... and women."

Stillia will return to St Helens to play at Langtree Park before Saints game against Warrington on Thursday, September 4.