A WOMAN who became pregnant as a teenager after being raped has published a book about the harrowing events more than 50 years later.

The rape, which happened in the early 60s when the author was just 16 led to her giving up a baby for adoption.

The attack was never reported to police. But in the autobiographical ‘A Pair of Genes’, the emotional story is revealed of a teenager whose life was rocked after an evening in the Abbey pub.

Written under the pseudonym Maddox Browne, it describes the horrors of the attack as well as its aftermath, which saw her fall pregnant and forced to give up her daughter for adoption.

However, the story also details Maddox’s emotional reunion with her daughter, who searched to find her birth mother.

“When there’s been a rape you still feel guilty and I didn’t report it," says Maddox, now 69, who lives in Berkshire with her second husband.

“I’m sure a lot of other people have been through this and never shared it. I want to help others.”

The book describes how she was attacked after leaving the Dentons Green pub.

“There were two guys at the bar, we didn’t have a conversation with them. When we were leaving my friend went the opposite way and going towards home one of the men told me he was going the same way.

“I had never thought of anything untoward and then he took me to a side road. As soon as he had what he wanted he ran away.

“I found out I was pregnant and had to hide from my grandmothers every time they came to the house.”

She gave up daughter up for adoption just six weeks after giving birth.

“It was cruel in those days,” added Maddox, the mother of two other daughters and a grandmother-of-four.

“They locked the door and you had to wait until the child was adopted before you could leave in case you went after her. It was traumatic.

“But it was lovely when I got to meet her and a great surprise.

“I absolutely cry my eyes out even now when I read the book, it never goes away. .”