MUM Janine Daley is happy about life with her husband Martin and their two young daughters Alice and Lucie.

But things could have been a lot more hectic if ante-natal scans before the birth of their first daughter had revealed the true picture.

Thirty-six-year old Janine told the Star that when she became pregnant scans showed up an irregularity.

“The hospital had been keeping an eye on me because the scans showed I could have been having six, seven or eight babies! I had a rare condition called over stimulation syndrome that usually only occurs in those who have IVF treatment,” said Janine.

“I hadn’t had IVF, my body was doing it and apparently there is only one other person in the UK affected in this way.

“It’s so rare my consultant Mr Nwosu has done a case study on me and this has gone out to an international audience.”

Daughter Alice was born on September 11, 2010 just 28 weeks into Janine’s pregnancy but was allowed home three months later on a snowy first day of December. She had chronic lung disease and was on oxygen for the next few months.

“But she’s fine now and attends Small Wonders pre-school nursery at Haydock,” said Janine a former PA and now web teamster at Taskers head office in Liverpool.

Younger daughter Lucie was also an early bird, arriving on June 2, 2012, two weeks before she was due.

Janine's family featured in the Star last month as husband Martin, a 32-year-old tanker driver, prepared for an epic endurance challenge, known as a Thunder Run. He completed 100km in 20 hours 9mins and38 seconds, raising £1,247 for Whiston Hospital's Special Care baby unit, which care for Alice.