DAVE Watts has lamented what he believes is the national press’s obsession with "style over substance" when judging who should be the country’s next prime minister.

The St Helens North Labour MP says elements of the media are fascinated with portraying Labour leader Ed Miliband as a geek rather than listening to his policies.

He has laughed off being likened by cartoonists to the character, Wallace, from the children’s animation films, and says he can offer “something different” to voters.

Miliband has faced several perceived PR disasters recently including being pictured with the Sun newspaper and an unflattering photo eating a bacon sandwich.

Watts, who turns 64 later this month, is becoming increasingly outspoken recently as eyes begin to look forward to the next General Election in May 2015.

He said: “I am concerned some people seem to have accepted the message that the next election should be decided on looks and spin rather than issues of substance.

“They continue their daily propaganda war on Ed Miliband describing him as wooden, boring, academic and unelectable while their pour buckets of flattery over David Cameron, describing him as good lucking, charismatic and normal.”

“Putting aside the fact that I believe that both descriptions are untrue and flattering in the extreme to David Cameron I would like to pose the following questions.”

“What on earth have such trivial qualities got to do with who would be the prime minister for Britain?"

“Was Winston Churchill our war time leader good looking? Was Clement Atlee who introduced our welfare state and the NHS charismatic? The answer to both is certainly no.

“I urge St Helens people to look beyond such trivial issues of looks and spin and concentrate on who they believe will help them and their families improve their living standards and provide high quality public services.”

Despite Watts’ comments it has been suggested Miliband has turned to one of the world’s leading experts on autism to help boost his “political empathy” and connect with voters.