A PET owner has described the terrifying moments her puppy was attacked by two dogs during an early morning walk.

Collette Glynn, 42, believes one of the dogs had the appearance of a large, powerfully built muscular dog and the other a Staffordshire bull terrier.

She had been on Clock Face Country Park, off Gorsey Lane, with her five-month-old German Shepherd Willow.

Collette told the Star: “It was vicious and nearly killed my dog. I saw two dogs off the lead. The next thing they came over and were barking. One was bigger and more muscular than the other.

“It grabbed mine by the throat and pinned her to the ground. I was shouting and screaming.

£Then the owner appeared. She thumped the dog in the face but it wouldn’t leave go. She was saying ‘I’m sorry’.

“It lasted ten minutes during which I had been hitting it with a lead. It was horrible.

“I’m not sure how mine got away but she ran. I’ve never had her off the lead before. Luckily she found her way home and was with my husband at the gate.

“But I won’t be going back on there until I know what’s happened to that dog. I have two kids aged eight and four and normally they would be with me.

“I do karate and have a punch on me but nothing I did had any effect.”

Collette has so far paid £100 in vet’s bills to treat the puncture wounds to Willow’s neck and stomach.

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: “We understand one of the dogs believed to have been involved in an alleged incident has been humanely destroyed at the request of the owner.

“Officers have spoken to the owner of the German shepherd and enquiries are on-going to confirm the breeds of the dogs involved in the incident and whether any criminal offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act have been committed.”

Call police on 101 number, quoting reference 0514144163, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.