A PUB landlord was repeatedly stabbed after telling a customer he could not smoke cannabis on his premises, a trial at Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Customer David Llewellyn had allegedly threatened to "crack" the licensee, Jonathan Shuker, following the warnings.

Llewellyn then allegedly punched him on the nose and ran across the car park of the premises, The Junction in Sutton, St Helens.

Gerald Baxter, prosecuting, said Mr Shuker ran after the accused to make sure he left and then walked back towards the pub.

Mr Baxter added: "But the defendant turned and came back onto the car park towards Mr Shuker and went after him and started to attack him."

Another man, allegedly Martin Hogarth, then joined in and Mr Shuker felt himself being repeatedly punched to his back, side and also to his head.

Mr Baxter added: "He thought they were punches but then started finding it difficult to breathe. Other people had come out by then and Mr Shuker managed to get back into the public house and realised blood was coming from his face.

"When he took his top off to wipe his face blood was also coming from his back and side.

"It was found he had eight stab wounds to his back, side and head and two further slash wounds and a punctured lung.”

Llewellyn, 28, of no fixed address, and Hogarth, 36, of Nutgrove Road, both deny wounding with intent on December 13 last year. They also deny a lesser alternative charge of wounding.

Mr Baxter added that during a police interview after his arrest Llewellyn claimed he had been punched by Mr Shuker. The defendant also claimed he was strangled and repeatedly punched by Mr Shuker.

Llewellyn admitted trying to hit him once but had not struck him on the back with anything and denied having a weapon.

Hogarth claimed that Mr Shuker had been on top of Llewellyn so he ran over and got him in a headlock before pulling him away.

He said the landlord started to walk away but he and Llewellyn then started fighting again.

Hogarth said that he then “cracked” Mr Shuker “a few times just to try and get him off David."

The case continues