A NOISY neighbour has ended up in court after failing to listen to repeated warnings to curb her behaviour.

Dawn Beech from Eliza Street in Sutton pleaded guilty at St Helens Magistrates Court to causing a noise nuisance and was given a six month conditional discharge.

It means that should she commit another offence in this time she could face a harsher penalty. She was also fined a total £95.

Court heard how despite being warnings from the council’s Environmental Health department she continued to cause distress and upset for her neighbours.

Councillor Seve Gomez-Aspron cabinet member for neighbourhoods said: “Noise is a blight affecting human health and well being is one of the most common forms of anti social behaviour. In this case the council departments worked closely with each other and also Merseyside Police to tackle this noise problem. “People should be aware that noise nuisance such as this will not be tolerated and that Environmental Health will take all necessary steps to bring noisy neighbours to task."