LANGTREE Park hosted an event which allowed young people the chance to have their say on policing and community safety issues.

The Youth Festival of Opportunities took place yesterday (Wednesday, July 30) at Saints’ stadium and saw a team representing Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy gauging youngsters' views.

She said: “Listening to the views of young people on Merseyside has been really important to me since being elected as the region’s Police Commissioner.

“I have already formed a Youth Advisory Group who tell me what young people want from the criminal justice system.

“I have employed an apprentice in my own office and I also have a community engagement officer who specifically focuses on the needs of young people.

“This event is a fantastic opportunity for my team to listen to the needs and concerns of youngsters and report directly back to me.

“By listening to what they want from the police and the criminal justice system I can assure their needs are met.”

The event also a number of local groups and organisations taking part offering opportunities with a range of activities through the summer including free-running, sports, arts, drama and dance.