A FORMER Rainhill High pupil is on course for an illustrious career as a barrister after coming top of his year at Bangor University’s Law School.

Twenty-one-year-old Adam Gulliver from Whiston not only topped the University’s Law School marks but has been nominated for the University’s Dr John Robert Jones prize for achieving some of the highest marks of all graduating students.

As well as gaining his first class degree Adam has already started making a name for himself in the legal world.

He was an avid participant in mooting, an extracurricular activity which sees law students argue a fictitious case in simulated court proceedings.

Last year he also helped establish the Legal Advocacy Society, alongside fellow law student Aaron Clegg, with the aim of providing more mooting opportunities to fellow students, as well as specialist skills sessions to help those students hone key skills.

Adam also had the distinction of being part of the first Bangor Law School team ever to win the Welsh National Mooting Competition, trouncing Aberystwyth University in the final earlier this year.

Adam was also a member of the first ever team to represent Wales at the internationally-renowned Telders International Law Moot Court competition.

He admits that he was initially cautious about getting involved in mooting having never heard the term before his studies.

“I remember that I was initially apprehensive about getting involved with it and did not think it was really for me.

“Had it not been for compulsory moots in the first year, I doubt I would ever have got involved with mooting, meaning that I would have missed out on some unforgettable experiences.

“It has basically been my life for the last two years.”

He will now move towards his goal of becoming a barrister spending a year working as a paralegal with a law firm, before going on to complete the Bar Professional Training Course.