THE courage of a youngster who has just had his leg amputated in a bid to beat bone cancer continues to astound his family.

Harrison Ledsham is currently in hospital in Birmingham where he had been expected to undergo knee replacement surgery to remove a tumour.

But following a scan surgeons decided that the treatment had not been effective enough and it was decided to amputate the left leg of the Blackbrook Royals junior rugby player.

The 11-year-old from Haydock has already won plenty admirers for his fighting spirit, including Saints squad who visited him at his home in June.

It was a much needed boost for the Legh Vale pupil who described it as "the best day ever".

Harrison’s granddad Dave Ledsham, 67, said the schoolboy's bravery has been incredible. Dave travelled to Birmingham to visit him last weekend.

Afterwards, he said: “Harrison has been absolutely amazing and strong. He’s already been up on his crutches and he’s doing really well. In the hospital he was sat in the playroom laughing and joking. He was even showing us funny videos on Youtube.

“Considering he only had the operation on the Wednesday, it’s incredible. He was even joking about his leg saying his foot keeps getting itchy but he can’t scratch it because it’s not there.

“His positive attitude has lifted his mum and dad and all of us because otherwise we would have been down in the dumps.

“Obviously you feel sad because of what happened but you have to forget about that.

“He’s even feeling better in himself although he will still have to undergo chemo. But now it’s about getting him up and about and hopefully we will soon get him home.

“No matter what’s thrown at him he keeps coming back fighting.