POLICE have brought in powers to crack down on nuisance gangs after concerns were raised by neighbours.

Following the introduction of a section 30 dispersal order in the town centre earlier this year, officers have brought in the same legislation in the Chandlers Way area of Sutton Manor.

It will last six months from and cover tJubits Lane, Forest Road, Delamere Avenue and the boundary fence of King George V playing fields. Chandlers Way is also included in the dispersal zone.

The order gives police the powers break up gangs of more than two people if officers feel they are causing trouble. Those moved on cannot return within 24 hours.

Anyone who ignores the rules may be arrested. Under 16s will be taken home.

Leaflets about the powers have been distributed across the community and in local schools.

Neighbourhood Inspector for St Helens South Elaine Collins said: "We have listened to the concerns raised by the local community and businesses and are taking positive action to address anti-social behaviour.

"Dispersal orders are designed to target the minority of people who think they are above the law and are intent on harassing and causing problems for decent, hardworking people and businesses.

"They are not aimed at the vast majority of the local community who will still be free to meet in groups in the Sutton Manor area.

"This order is part of a range of measures we and our partners are taking to tackle the problems caused by anti-social behaviour in St Helens and should make a real contribution towards making the area a safer place to live and work."